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After Market Monday: Transformers Animated Arcee


Arcee is one of the Transformers characters that didn’t get a lot of love toy wise. One of the first ‘female’ Transformers from the 1980’s, she turned into a pink futuristic looking sports car, standard fare for Transformers of that era. Now while there have been a few other Arcee toys since then, most turned into motorcycles. In a 2009 episode of Transformers Animated, we finally got to see an Arcee that turned into a car, and naturally, a toy followed shortly there after. Not only was the toy was highly sought after, it was also an exclusive to Toys R’ Us, making it hard to come by if you weren’t lucky.

Arcee-3The figure itself is pretty cool, although it isn’t without its faults. Articulation wise, it has ball joint shoulders, elbows, hips and neck. The forearms, thighs, waist, knees and the front half of the feet are on swivel joints. Movement of the upper body isn’t restricted too badly. he lower body has a few issues with balancing due to the way the feet move and the weight of the backpack. And boy is there a backpack. A good portion of the back of the car folds back and just kinda sits there, it’s not overly heavy, but it does tend to tip the toy backwards. One of the biggest issues in ‘bot mode is the figures hands. The thumbs tend to become strained from repeatedly placing and removing her weapons. Mine is so far in decent shape, but I’ve had to make conscious attempts to be careful. The figure’s weapons are dual short, translucent swords that can store really well into the rear section of the car. The blades are pretty nicely detailed, and when clipped in all the way to their slots, stay in pretty securely. The transition to car mode is pretty simple, just a bit of folding here and there and pegging in a few spots. The strange thing is that the car mode seems like it just gives up trying to be a car half way through. I mean, the front is pretty good, but the back half has ‘bot parts kinda hanging around. The arms are super visible and do a pretty poor job of hiding the head. But it does roll around and makes a decent looking car from the sides or front. Arcee-6

Now when trying to find one of these figures second hand, there are a few things to look out for. Naturally make sure all the accessories are there. Aside from the two blades, the big rear wing thingies can be removed for some odd reason. They aren’t necessary for anything related to the transformation, but they are a thing to look out for. More unique to this figure are the thumbs. As I mentioned above, the thumbs can become strained by placing and removing it’s weapons. This could potentially lead to the thumbs breaking off. In the image to the side you can kinda see where the break comes from, its that little white dot close to the thumb. There’s another copy of this image below that expands for a better view.

Transformers Animated was one of those series that you either liked or hated, the same can be said for the toy line. This Arcee is a pretty good figure once you get past the few issues it has, so if you like the visual style of the show, then you’ll probably want to pick one of these up. Prices vary from $40 to $70 for one in package. Any less than that and you’re probably looking at a knock off figure.

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