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After Market Monday: Transformers Universe Lugnut


Oh hey, It’s Monday again.

So for today’s After Market Monday, I figured I’d pull out the guy that got retconned into G1 lore, Lugnut. Lugnut first showed up in Transformers Animated as a big purple… robot who turned into a big purple bomber jet thingy. He was one of those guys that was just kinda cool, so when he got a Generations style figure in the Universe line, he became one of those guys that everyone wanted.


So a quick overview of the figure, he’s pretty awesome. His Alt mode, a big bomber jet that looks like a cross between a B-24 and a B-17, and it looks pretty damn glorious. The wing span is fantasticly large,  and there are a bunch of those C-Clip attachment points, which were a big thing when this guy came out, a bunch of other guys came with little things that would attach with a clip onto the bars, kinda gimmicky but what ever. This guys big gimmick is the rear firing missile launcher thingy that comes down out of the tail like a mid-flight refueling arm. This is his only missile launching gimmick, kind of a strange one but it works.


Transformation is pretty simple, legs fold out from the bottom, wings turn into the arms, and the chest opens up in a blaze of glory when you push the tail section into the back. The whole process is pretty slick, and if you’re into it, you can make a pretty damn cool flying claw thing, or a standard Ger-walk mode. In his properly transformed mode, Lugnut is delightfully large. The legs are hollow but hide it well, the arms are awesome and have the coolest gimmick in any toy ever. Pressing that purple button launches the forearms out an inch or so in a glorious Punch of Kill Everything attack. So yeah, pretty sweet toy and is damn fun to play with.


Now if you’re looking for one of these guys and see one that’s used, there are a few things to look out for. In robot mode, the punching arms really shouldn’t be an issue, but that could be something that breaks, so make sure that works. There is also so much movement going on that there is a chance parts could come off. The biggest possibility are the flaps that fold into the biceps. They are on a simple hinge joint that could come off if stressed too much. Really though, the chances of finding a broken one of these without visible damage is pretty small. Just make sure to check the standard list of how tight the joints are, any big visible stress marks, stuff like that.

You can find this guy on Ebay for about $50 or so for the american release. There are a few Japanese versions which sport a darker paint scheme, that go for closer to $75, so feel free to pick your poison on that one. As always, I have a gallery full of funtastic images below, and feel free to like my page on Facebook and followed me on Twitter.



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