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D-Arts Zero V2

April 17, 2014 | Other, Toys | no comments


A few weeks back, I took a look at D-Arts Mega Man X as part of an After Market Monday. To continue on that, today’s review is of another figure in the same line, D-Arts Zero V2. This is the second of three Zero figures that have been released. The first one had the appearance from the first Mega Man X game, the second version of the figure looked like his appearance in the later games. The third is the same mold as the second, but with a black colour scheme.

The look of this figure is pretty much dead on to his game appearances. From the square shoulders, to that pointy helmet, to the long blonde hair, everything is pretty much dead on. Since this guy and X are part of the same line, they have pretty much the same articulation¬†with double jointed knees and elbows, double ball jointed wrists, feet, head, shoulders and hips, as well as two large ball joints for the waist and upper torso joints. Unique to Zero is the hair joints, which is comprised of a slider at the base of head and another at the top of the hair. The hair is probably the biggest issue on the figure, since it has a tendency to get in the way of any poseability, but it looks good doing it… I guess?

Like X, Zero comes with a bunch of accessories. He has 3 pairs of hands, three faces, three options for energy blades, a buster arm and a cap for the buster arm to add a blast effect to. The blast effects don’t actually come with this guy, so you’ll need to use one from another figure. Since the figures have the same construction, the arms and legs of Zero can be used on X, and vice versa. So if you wanted to, you could have X run around with a beam saber and Zero’s buster arm.

Another thing that I mentioned in my X review, is that the durability of the figures is hit and miss between each sample. In this case, the left arm on Zero figure I have has a tendency pop out when moving it around, nothing too major but it’s still kinda annoying.

So should you get one of these figures. Well yes and no. Yes for sure if you’re a fan of Mega Man X and like the look of Zero, yes if you have an X and want to get a buddy for him to go beat up other robots, but no if you are overly paranoid about breaking something. These guys can be broken if forced to move in a way that they don’t want to move, and even if forced to move in a way they want to move. Personally I don’t have any major issues with mine, but there reports of a few that have been broken by forced movements. But he is a pretty cool figure to have sitting on a shelf, being all badass next to X. If you’re looking to get one, there are a few options. Right now the red version of the V2 isn’t exactly the cheapest thing, average price for it is looking to be about $150. There was a Black version of the same mold, his super mode as it were, that was more recently released and is going for closer to $50. The V1, the version that matches his appearance in the first Mega Man X game, also hovers around the $50 price range. So if you want one of those then yeah, I’d say go for it.



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