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E3 2014 – EA

June 10, 2014 | Games | no comments


Electronic Arts, was the second company up at bat for this years E3, and to start the ball rolling, they showed a pretty extensive montage of footage from Dragon Age Inquisition. They even had a cellist playing on stage under the large monitors. The whole thing made for a pretty dramatic experience. Right behind that was some game play footage, where they showed the two combat systems you can use that let you either directly switch to another character, or pause the game and plan your moves like you could in previous entries. Bioware also popped up to talk about a new Mass Effect game, as well as a secretive new IP.

Since EA is EA and they love beating a dead horse, they also showed off their line up of sports games…. yeah these games don’t do anything for me, the only one really worth mentioning is the new PGA game with it’s hilarious use of the Frostbite 3 engine, which is traditionally used in their Battlefield games, to power your golf balls with real life physics or something…

Also on the list was another shameless cash grab, Dawngate. Basically it’s another DOTA/LoL game that is filling in a market that is already pretty full up.

Mirrors Edge 2 was a pretty welcome sight, and there was also a few more details on The Sims 4. Not a lot of information was released on either game, with Mirrors Edge 2 getting some new parkour work, and The Sims 4 showing a short video about the life and death of a sim.

EA closed out their show with a long preview video and game play demonstration of their new Battlefield game, Hardline. Hardlines’ claim to fame is that the two teams are now groups of cops and robbers in an urban setting.  The 10 minute long segment covered an entire match, showing the game from the perspective of players on both teams. At the end of the segment, EA announced that they were opening up the doors of their closed beta for a short period of time. Awesomely, I managed to get into the Beta. Not so awesomely, I have yet to be able to run the game since it seems my graphics card is just a bit too out of date.

Anyway, that’s EA’s conference in a nutshell, full of sports games, shooting games, sports games, a couple interesting games and more sports games. All in all nothing to dramatic or unexpected.



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