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E3 2014 – Sony

June 11, 2014 | Games | no comments


Now this was a big one, Sony’s pres conference ran for about 1 hour and 45 minutes and was packed with trailers, game play demos and a bit of hardware. There were so many games announced that I can’t go go over all of them, I mean even Sony split the game section up with hardware and other media releases, but some of the notable ones included Destiny by Bungie and Activision, Entwined by Students, more Far Cry 4, Little Big Planet 3, the Remastering of Tim Schafers Grim Fandango, Abzu by Giant Squid, the remastering of The Last of Us and GTAV, MGS5: Phantom Pain, Batman Arkham Knight, and my personal favorite for the show, No Man’s Sky from Hello Games.

The show opener, Destiny, continues to look amazing. Between two segments, they showcased some of the cinematic moments, and talked about some of the exclusive content ideas for PS4 owners. Sony is also releasing a console bundle with Destiny, and a White PS4. So for anyone like myself, who haven’t gotten into the new console market, that is a pretty damn good reason to do so.

Entwined looks pretty amazing, seemingly in the same idea as Flower on the PS3, the game seems to be a narrative driven game that uses music and visuals for its story telling rather than words and movies. This one was released the day of the conference, so you PS4 owners out there should really look into that one. If it was anything like Flower, or Journey, then it will be totally worth the purchase.

Speaking of Journey, the company behind Abzu, Giant Squid, is headed by the man who was the art director for Journey. This game definitely has potential to be stunning both visually and emotionally. Make sure to look at that one when it’s released.

Little Big Planet 3 looks to be pretty cool, with the addition of three new characters to help out Sack-boy in his adventures. The first two were fun to play around with, so this one will most likely be no different.

Lastly, No Man’s Sky. Dear god this game looks amazing. I want all of it. Its procedurally generated galaxy is begging to be explored, and the seamless transition from planetary flight to space flight looks amazing. This game is everything that I want out of next gen gaming and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The reworking of The Last of Us and GTAV were both pretty much expected to be there, but is still pretty cool none the less, and all I can really say about Batman Arkham Knight is that the Batmobile section had better not have been scripted, since I want to be able to freely drive around Gotham City in that new beastly car.

Sony’s conference continued with the announcement of several indie titles being ported to the PS4, like Hotline Miami and Broforce. Seeing Indie games being brought to the console gaming market is always a good thing. These games are some of the most imaginative things that have come out in a while.

After a brief interlude with some of the new hardware they are releasing, Project Morpheus and the Playstation TV, Sony went back into games quickly with a showing of Mortal Kombat X stuff.

Since Sony is a media company, they also released information about a couple series and movies they are working on. Powers, a series based off of a Marvel comic, and the Ratchet and Clank Movie were both showcased here, which is pretty cool. Ratchet and Clank is a series that I have a lot of fond memories around, so I will probably end up checking out that movie.

Sony “Oooh” moment at the end was it’s cinematic trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sony seems to really like hurting this guy, so much so, they brought him out of retirement to beat him up some more.

Sony’s conference was pretty much a huge success for them. There was enough stuff shown off that had release dates for this year to keep people excited for all the new stuff they are planning on getting out in 2015. While the Microsoft conference showed me that getting a Xbox One is worth getting, the Sony conference showed so much new content that will end up being exclusive to their system, that I can’t help but get their console first… in September… when the White console is released with Destiny.


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