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E3 2014 – Ubisoft

June 10, 2014 | Games | no comments


Yeah, this was one I was looking forward to. Ubisoft is one of those developers that has such a wide catalog of games that their shows usually have a little (or a lot of) something for everyone.

Their big opener was a pretty good looking cinematic for Far Cry 4. This five minute opener featured another pretty insane villain for the series, and looks pretty awesome.

Ubisoft continued into their extensive library by getting a bunch of people dancing like goof balls with Just Dance 2015. The big innovation on this one, is that Ubisoft is launching a companion app for smart phones that connect to the game and track your movements, letting you dance along with anyone else in the room who is also connected. This idea is pretty cool, since it breaks down the barrier of needing a controller to play a game. Granted I will probably never play this, but it’s still pretty cool.

Initially shown in the Microsoft conference, Tom Clancy’s The Division showed off their trailer cinematic to tie into the game play they showed earlier in the day. If you haven’t seen the cinematic yet… go watch it now… no seriously, do it. I’ll wait…. Watched it? Good. This is probably the best trailer shown at E3, since it packs so much emotion into it’s four minute duration. This is defiantly one to watch for when it’s eventual release date comes around.

The Crew was their next show, a racing game that lets you drive from one coast of the United States to the other, without any load times to hold you back. From the trailer shown during the event, it looks as though every major roadway from the east to the was was put into the game, as well as a few rural areas, like mountains and canyons. Looks like a pretty cool game and I will be looking at this one when it comes out.

My most anticipated title, Assassins Creed Unity was showcased with another pretty wicked cinematic, and a decent amount of game play to top it off. This is gonna be a console seller for me, cause if I haven’t finally got myself a next gen by then I’ll lose it. Where The Division’s cinematic was super emotional and almost scary in its possibility to be a thing, this one is more awesome and did a really good job to show the tone of the game. Seriously can’t wait for this one.

Ubisoft went back to the crazy with their exercise game Shape Up, which looks interesting, even if I’ll probably never end up getting it. Valiant Hearts was up next, which is a stylized look at the first world war from the viewpoint of a simple medic dog and his connection to four separate soldiers. This one is pretty cool sounding, as it uses historical letters and photographs as inspiration. These documents will also be view able in the game itself.

The closer for the show was a pretty interesting game play demo for Rainbow Six, Siege. The biggest eye catch here is the fully destructible environments. From blowing holes in walls with a shotgun round, to taking out a floor with a demolition charge to surprise the guys below you, everything looked breakable. My one hesitation is that this will be a full squad based game, and unless you have 4 competent friends to play with, getting a team together on the fly will be pretty tricky.

So yeah, Ubisoft did a pretty wicked job at this years E3. Lots of game play videos, and a good chunk of really good cinematics, and a couple goofy games that are sure to gather a lot of attention. These guys seem to constantly show that they have what it takes to be a lead developer in the gaming world, ¬†as long as you forget that UPlay exists….


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