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Game Day, April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014 | Games | no comments


So I’m gonna try something new for Tuesday, a Gaming thing where I talk about games that I’ve been playing as well as stuff that’s come out recently.

I touched on it a little in a previous post, but I got Diablo 3; Reaper of Souls when it came out last week, and I’ve been playing a lot of it. The new Crusader class is pretty beefy, able to tank damage as well as deal it out. Granted he will be out damaged by Demon Hunters and Wizards, but they out damage everyone. The new story act, where you deal with Malthael, is pretty fun. The real entertainment value is the Adventure Mode, where you jump into portals and fight a random set of enemies in a random location. The random locations and random enemy set means that every time you enter into the portal, you get a new challenge. The level cap has been increased from 60 to 70, with the new act and adventure mode, getting there isn’t very hard. Heck you can get from level 1 to 70 with a day or two of gaming. So yeah, it’s pretty damn fun.

I’ve started to get back into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate a bit again. If you haven’t heard of the game, the easiest way to describe it is as an eternal boss fight game. The big thing is that you need to plan your fights. From what items you bring, to what weapons and armor you need to use. Then there’s the combat. With the various weapons there are various ways to use them. Some are fast and nimble, some are slow and heavy, it’s all how you use them. There is a lot of grinding involved, you have to kill the same thing a bunch of times to get the parts of it you need to craft the armors and weapons necessary to tackle the next big monster on the list. It may sound tedious but it’s pretty damn fun. It’s out on the 3ds and the WiiU, so if you have either of those consoles, I’d recommend picking it up.

As for new games that came out in the past week, nothing fantastic really comes to mind. Oddly enough the biggest thing to come out last week was that goofy Goat Simulator game. Other note able games were Ragnarok Odyssey ACE on the PS3 and Vita and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition which came out on the last gen systems as well as PC and WiiU. Shovel knight was apparently supposed to be out on March 31st, however it seems to have been delayed a couple weeks.

I’m going to be looking into screen capturing software for screen shots and the like, maybe the occasional video if I can figure out what games are law suit safe. But that’s all from me for now. Tomorrow will be regularly scheduled toy reviews.


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