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Lego Minecraft, The Nether

April 16, 2014 | Lego, Toys | no comments


So it seems our buddy Steve found something behind his house. A big black portal looking thing, I wonder if he’s gonna go in.


Yeah… He did.

So it’s been a while since we’ve looked at these sets, but today’s review is on another of the Lego Minecraft sets, The Nether. For the seven of you that don’t know what Minecraft is, the Nether is basically Minecraft hell, which one enters by way of a portal.

The set is similar to the others in the line, it’s comprised of four square blocks that are joined together by pegs. As you can see by the image above, this time the pegs aren’t on all four sides. The three red blocks have three peg holes, and the black one has two. The set comes with three mini-minifigures, a Zombie Pigman and two Ghasts. Also included with the set is a Nether Portal that you can peg around on other parts of the set, or on other sets entirely.

The tops of the four blocks are pretty bland, all four are built onto the blocks, so there’s no removing them to look underground, not that you would need to since the underground is all open on at least one side. The underground is pretty detailed, with lots of lava blocks and a bridge that can connect three of the blocks together.

Like the first set, the Micro World, there are many ways you can arrange the blocks to give it a unique look, you can rebuild the top levels, or remove elements from the inside if you wanted too, and since there are so many possible ways to build this, you’ll have to get your own to see them all.

Sometime this week, I’ll post a review and gallery of the third set in the series, the micro village, but for now, check out the small gallery below, and if you like what you see and the words you’ve read here, be sure to like my page on Facebook and followed me on Twitter.



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