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Minecraft Overworld Creeper

April 10, 2014 | Other, Toys | no comments


Back on the Minecraft Train! Earlier this week I looked at the Minecraft Overworld Zombie from Jazwares, and today we have the second figure that I picked up, the Creeper.

As anyone who played Minecraft knows, the creeper is the pure embodiment of destruction and will stop at nothing to blow your face off. And now that they are in plastic form, no shelf will be safe. The figure itself is pretty much what you’d expect from the line, articulated in the right spots to make it move like it does in the game and detailed to look like its in game model. It’s a pretty fun little thing to have on a shelf stalking your other toys. For articulation, it’s head is on a peg joint, letting it swivel around freely, and the four little stumpy legs are in pegged hinge joints, so the legs can waggle around pretty freely.

Included with the package there is a piece of Gunpowder as well as a TNT block. Both look accurate to the in game models, the TNT block is big and red and explody looking, and the Gunpowder looks the part. The TNT block is just like the blocks from the other series,  The Gunpowder piece is made of a much thicker plastic, so it can stand up on its own and not topple over. It can also be kind of held by Steve if you just place it on his hand.

Like the Zombie┬áset and the Survival Pack, this is a pretty fun thing to have on a desk to fiddle with or sitting on a shelf. If you have any of the other sets, then I’d recommend getting this one as well, since it’s not Minecraft without it’s iconic mob.

There are two other figures that were released in this wave, another version of Steve, as well as an Enderman. I’ve been looking for the Enderman but haven’t seen one for a while. After that series 2 of the figures, which has a Diamond Armor Steve pack, Iron Golem pack, Blacksmith Villager pack and an Animal Mob 6 pack which has a cow, a sheep, a tamed wolf, a pig, an ocelot and a chicken, should be coming out within the next month or so.

I can honestly say that I’ve had more fun with these sets than I thought I would. So I would definitely recommend checking these sets out if you have an interest in Minecraft. As always check out the gallery below, and if you like the reviews, I would appreciate it if you liked my page on Facebook and followed me on Twitter.



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