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Minecraft Overworld Enderman


Hey Steve, Um, what’s that behind you? You know, that big black guy back there?


Wait now it’s over there… Steve you should probably get out of here, who knows what it’s planning.


Hold on… what is it doing? Did it just take your crafting table?


No steve, you shouldn’t chase after it, it’s just a crafting table….

Well if that didn’t give it away, today’s review is on Jazwares Minecraft Enderman. This was one of the things I found at the Calgary Expo a few weeks ago, and it’s the last Minecraft figure from the first wave that I was looking for.

The Enderman looks nice and creepy its toy form, with its completely black figure save for the light bright pink and white coloured eyes. The guy comes complete with it’s freakishly long arms and legs. One cool feature is that his hands have an angled notch in them to give them the ability to grab onto a typical block. Such as the Grass Covered Dirt block that he comes with. The one big downside to this guy is that he has issues balancing with his center of gravity so high up on those spindly legs. This can be fixed if you use a block to prop him up with though. Aside from the dirt, he comes with a Mushroom. Not sure why, an Ender Pearl might have been more appropriate though. From the pictures you can pretty much tell the articulation this guy has, neck, shoulders and hips. No waist though. The Mushroom is similar to the Gunpowder piece, being a lot thicker than any of the hold-able weapons or tools. It is a neat little piece though, but nothing to write home about.

So yeah, the Enderman is pretty cool, glad I managed to find one. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the second series of this line, they have all been pretty awesome and definitely look good on a desk or a shelf.

Oh hey, I think Steve found his crafting table.


But where’s that Enderman.


Steve behind you!


Wait what is it doing? Get out of there Steve!





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