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Power Ranges Legacy Dragonzord

May 19, 2014 | Toys | no comments


Here’s something that I’ve been waiting on for a while, the modern remake of the Green Rangers personal Zord, the Legacy Dragonzord.

This guy is pretty damn glorious… and heavy… and big… and heavy… and really well detailed. Oh did I mention he’s heavy? Like the rest of the Legacy series, he’s loaded down with a decent amount of die cast metal bits. ¬†The gold arm parts, silver waist section and the legs from the knee down are all die cast, which adds both heft and stability to the figure. All of the parts have some painted detailing on them, and each part is painted very cleanly, I haven’t seen any splotches of paint in spots they shouldn’t be on my figure. Another thing of note is that this guy does not come with any stickers, everything is molded and painted on. There is one slight issue with this guy though. The Dragonzord comes packed in bags inside it’s box, which wouldnt be so bad if the bag containing the body wasn’t too tight, causing the horn, which is made of a softer plastic, to bend inside the bag. Since the horn is rubbery plastic, it can be fixed easily with a bit of hot water to soften the plastic so it can be bent back into shape.

Legacy-Dragonzord-1The Dragonzord is about as articulated as one expects from a Zord. The mouth opens and closes, the arms can wiggle in their sockets and the wrists can swivel around. The hips can kinda move but only slightly forward. The knees can move a little bit, but most of that is due to the movements it makes to get to its different modes. The biggest bit of articulation comes from the tail. Each section is on a collapsible ball joint which can compress together to have the solid spear tail, or extend out for movement. The joints on the tail sections are very secure, so it has no issues holding the various poses you could put it in, like tail whipping the nearest monster into explosions.

Included in the box with the Dragonzord are a large black stand for his combined weapon, and another set of hands. The two of hands he comes with are interchangeable on a simple mushroom peg joint, with one set being a set of hands for a more natural pose, and another for his rocket fingers. These ones are also used for the other modes the Dragonzord can turn into.


The second form the Dragonzord can achieve is the Dragonzord Battle Mode. This form uses the Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords from the Legacy(or 2010) Megazord. The Dragonzord’s tail pops off from its spot on the back of the Zord, and then the waist splits in half, allowing you to remove the chest piece. Then you recombine the waist to reform a tail-less Dragonzord with a big hole in its chest. Folding up the arms into the shoulder panels allows you to move those shoulder parts over this big gap to make a new chest plate, which mimics the Dragon Rangers power coin symbol. After opening a couple panels on the thighs, the lower legs easily fold up into them, which gives you access to the lower connection ports for the legs. Finally the lower jaw of the Dragonzord drops to reveal a face with a large red visor. The Triceratops and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords attach to the lower ports after turning into their leg modes, and the Mastodon attaches to the back like it would to the T-Rex Zord. The last thing to do is to make the weapon. A section of the chest piece expands, allowing the tail to snap into the top and the black stand like thing to attach to the bottom, meanwhile a panel on the back of the chest opens to reveal a peg that can be slotted into the hands of the newly combined Zord.

This mode is pretty interesting, and lets you finally ditch that useless Pterodactyl Zord, but this isn’t all the Dragonzord has to offer. After removing the Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords and recombining them into the Megazord, the Dragonzord can then split itself in half again to form a large set of shoulder armor and attach directly to the Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord. Combining the two takes a bit of finesse to accomplish. The Megazord is readied by removing the chest plate, lowering the shoulder pads and folding the fins on the helmet behind its head. The Dragonzord splits apart which gives you access to two box shaped clips that slide over the inside of the Megazord’s shoulders. A small panel on the back of the Dragonzords head folds down allowing the two fins on the back of the Megazords head to fit through. This is where the scary part comes in, you need to almost force the Dragonzord head down until it clips into place, then the small panel from the Dragonzord head clips into the spot where the T-Rex tail attaches, which itself attaches to the small panel. The chest plate is then free to be reattached to the whole deal.


This is, in a single word, ¬†awesome, in multiple words, awesome and very heavy. All the die cast makes this guy weigh in at about 3lb(1.36kg), and despite being all over the Megazord, what little articulation it has isn’t overly hampered. Granted it can’t lift it’s arms straight up, but that’s not a big deal.

On his own, the Dragonzord is a pretty imposing robot Godzilla, however in order to get the most enjoyment out of the guy you need the Legacy Megazord that came out a while ago. Together they make one impressively heavy gargantuan beast. If you have any nostalgia for the old series, and a place to put this huge guy, then I would totally recommend it. Right now there are a few popping up in Canadian Toys R’ Us stores, and will start making it out to the rest of North America in the coming months.



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