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TMNT Mouser 7 Pack

April 15, 2014 | Other, Toys | no comments


Every group of heroes needs mooks to fight against. GI Joe had Cobra troopers to trade red and blue lasers with.The Autobots massacred legions of Decpticon Vehicons in the more recent Transformers series. And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had the Foot Clan Ninjas. However when the Foot was too beat down to do anything worthwhile, the Turtles had a second group of baddies to pick on, the little robots made Baxter Stockman, the Mousers.

Story line wise, the Mouser bots start out as simple robots designed to hunt mice and rats that live around New York, however it wasn’t long before the good doctor started using them for less-than-legal purposes. Toy line wise, the little mouser robots are pretty cool little army builder robots. They are pretty simply made, with hinged hip joints, a ball jointed neck and a hinged mouth that opens and closes really nicely. Packaged in the pack of seven are three variations, three light grey, two dark grey and two black. the paint work is pretty simple, all 7 have simple red paint applications on the eyes of the bots, and the black ones have red paint applications inside the mouths, giving the mouths pretty nice definition. There are two different types of plastic used to make these guys. The body and legs are of a sturdier, harder plastic, while the head is made of the same soft rubbery plastic that the weapons on the turtles are made of. ┬áThe rubbery plastic works well enough for the heads, however one of mine was pretty derped up in the package, to a point where it can’t open its mouth without the top half of the head popping off. Granted this looks good for having a Mouser with it’s head beat in, but it’s still an issue.

The Mousers are fun little bunch of robot chickens to have hanging around to swarm over your other desk toys. Getting 7 of them in a package makes for a pretty nice little bundle, and a pretty decent army builder if you picked up a couple packs of em. A single pack is a pretty decent value too, since they retail for the same price as the single turtles at about $10 or so. If you have the figures of the turtles, then I’d say pick these up, since they make for a cool little bunch of baddies to fight against. I’d also say you should get them if you just want some fun little robots to have wander your desk.



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