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TMNT Turtles in Training

April 18, 2014 | Toys | no comments


Well it’s Easter Weekend, so this is gonna be a quick little review of the lil’ Mutant Ninja Turtles in Training.

These guys come packed in pairs, Donnie comes with Leo, and Mikey comes with Raph. All four come with smaller, wood styled versions of their weapons, so Leo has two wooden katanas, Donnie has a smaller staff, and so on. The articulation on these little guys is pretty simple too and is the same between all four. The head and waist are on swivel joints, and the shoulders are on universal joints, and that’s it. Really these guys can only pull off a couple poses without looking terri-bad. Their personalities come across fairly well with the unique head sculpts, Raph looks pissed, Leo looks stern and practiced, Mikey has a goofy grin, and Donny looks looks pretty timid.

So the set is kinda cute, nothing too crazy going on with it though, and it would have been nice for a bit more articulation in the set, like at least an elbow joint or something there. This is one of those things that I really like because of the novelty of it, but I can’t really recommend unless you really want a little turtles running around on your desk kicking miniature butt. If they had a more articulation then they would be pretty awesome, but as they are, they are neat.



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