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Transformers Generations Scoop


So I was wandering through a Wal-mart the other day, and I managed to stumble across a couple of the newer Transformers Generations toys. From that grab, here is Transformers Generations Scoop.

In all honesty, I know nothing about the character or what he’s been doing in the new IDW comic lines. But that delicious looking orange and yellow basically sung to me. Scoop comes packed with two little robot buddies that turn into his main weapons. The little blue dude, Holepunch, turns into a double barreled blaster, and the yellow guy, Caliburst, is a slightly longer single barrel gun. In robot mode, Scoop is pretty much your standard blocky robot and is articulated enough to get by modern standards. Shoulders, hips, and head are all on ball joints, while the elbows and knees are on hinge joints. Due to the transformation of the figure, he kind of has double knee joints, but it’s not that good looking. The biggest issue he has in bot mode is the big scoop hanging off of his back, but there was really nothing else that could be done with it, and it doesn’t throw off the balance of the figure. The little guys, Caliburst and Holepunch, are both pretty much the same in their robot modes, aside from the slight details. Both are restricted to ball jointed shoulders for movement, and can stand up on their own quite well considering the giant gun barrel backpacks they have. A simple flip of the backpacks and folding back of the arms on the little guys turns them into pretty respectable guns, just don’t look on the underside or else you’ll get an eye full of an arm less robot with a big hat. The guns fit into Scoops hands well enough, and they can both be slapped together to make a crazy double gun thing.

Scoops transformation is pretty simple, it’s pretty reminiscent of old G1 Transformers, with simple hinged movements used to transform the guy down to his gloriously-orange front-end loader alt mode. I have a bit of an issue with the alt mode, behind the scoop on… Scoop, there is a big open cavity between the wheels. It would have been nice to see something fill in that hole, maybe just a part of the chest that slides out or something. Another kind of weird thing is that the robot modes head is completely visible behind the cab of the truck. I mean yeah, it’s where everything sits in the alt mode, but it seems like a waste of translucent plastic, when they could have just painted over it and hidden the face. It’s almost like he gave up trying to be a Robot in Disguise half way through. So that’s kinda weird.

All in all, Scoop is a pretty neat little Transformer, with a couple cool robot gun buddies. He has a few issues, like the big gaping hole in alt mode, and his head popping up behind the windscreen, but hes fun enough to drive around the desk, shoveling up the Decepticon that happen to be in his way.

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