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Transformers Rumble and Frenzy


Well time to get back on it.

Today’s post is for one of the things that I found during the Calgary Expo a couple weeks ago. Transformer Prime Rumble and Arms Micron…. Rumble. So yeah, technically these two guys have the same name, the big differences is that one is from the North American line by Hasbro, and the other is from the Asian line by Takara. So these guys are supposed to be Rumble and Frenzy, the two tape deck dudes that hung out with Soundwave and since there is a big internet war about which is which, I’m just gonna call em Red Guy and Blue Dude.

In their Alt mode, these guys are a couple souped up looking two-door hatchbacks. Something similar to a VW Golf or a hatchback Civic. The immediate difference is that Blue Dude has paint applications while Red Guy relies on stickers for it’s detailing. The stickers are standard for the Asian releases, while the North American releases used some pretty decent paint applications. The biggest difference between these two figures is the head. The Blue Dude has a pretty sinister looking face plated noggin with some pretty decent red light-piping. The Red Guy is sporting a more traditional mouthed head with a big blue light-piped visor.


The accessories are also different between these two. Blue Dude comes with two big black blaster things that fit over the fists, and with a bit of posing, mimic the Pile Driver weapons that the original toys with their names had in the 80’s. The Red Guy comes with his own little buddy robot that you get to build from an included plastic sprue. The little guy turns from a ┬álil’ Octopus to a big Pile Driver Blaster that looks similar to Blue Dudes black weapons.

Rumble-Frenzy-14That’s all the differences between these two guys, so now the fun stuff. The transformation is pretty simple with enough complexity to be fun, but still nice and simple enough to be a fast transformation. The head reveal is pretty cool, folding down the chest activates a spring loaded hinge that flips the head up into position. These guys are pretty loaded with articulation, the elbows are the only hinge joint, with a cut joint above that for a bicep swivel. The neck, feet, knees, hips and shoulders are on ball joints, so there’s a pretty sweet range of motion on all his joints. The only real problem is the lack of wrist articulation and the back fins kinda get in the way of the shoulders from time to time. With all that mobility, you can pull off a few decent poses, like having Blue Dude hunched over using his weapons as pile drivers, and they look pretty damn good doing it. Their chests were styled to kinda look like their old tape deck chests from the original toys, but the end result looks like something out of Gurren Lagann with their chest faces. This gives them an almost sinister look, which is either softened or heightened depending on which head they have. The biggest visual down point on these guys are the giant car shoulders, but even those serve a decent purpose if you use ’em for a pile driver mode. The backs of the shoulders have a peg hole in them for some weapon storage when you wanna stow away those pile driver blasters and not have em get lost somewhere.

These two guys are pretty awesome, the car modes are fun to roll around, and their ‘bot modes are little bundles of articulated fun. I have a hard time deciding if I like the American or the Asian release more. Points for the american are that deliciously evil looking head and the double pile driver blaster weapons. The Asian release has that little robot octopus buddy and a more striking visual appearance, all be it thats due to the stickers you need to apply.

The Asian market also had their own release of Blue Dude, but the plastic colours were a bit different. The blue body parts were darker, and the black bits were a much lighter blue, and it had the same head as Red Guy. When these guys came out, the Asian versions were available from most online stores that sold stuff like that, and the American version of Blue Dude was a bit hard to find, with it being a new version of a pretty popular character. Now-a-days, you can find Blue Dude online for anywhere from $20 to $40, and Red Guy for around $30 to $60. They are pretty fun dudes to play around with, so if you have any interest in the characters, I would suggest picking them up if you can find them for a decent price.

As always make sure to check out the gallery after these words, and Thanks for Reading. I’m going to be changing my update schedule a little bit since I have less time than I used to for photos and writing.



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